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Precice Stryde

The weight-bearing solution for limb lengthening

Preliminary Note: The production of Stryde nails has been discontinued and is currently not available worldwide. We will update our patients with any progress or if it becomes available again in the market. We have a waiting list for patients who are interested in a weight-bearing limb lengthening system. If you would like to receive updates, please contact us and we will add you to the list.​

Precice Stryde is Nuvasive's 3rd generation limb lengthening system, and it includes an implantable intramedullary nail, locking screws, reusable instruments, and a hand-held External Remote Control (ERC). The procedure is performed with minimal incisions in the leg, resulting in fewer surgical scars, which satisfies patients with aesthetic concerns compared to methods that require external fixation and eliminates the need for regular dressing and the risk of infection.

The principles of the Precice 2 and Precice Stryde methods are similar. However, the feature that differentiates the Precice Stryde from the Precice 2 is its ability to allow patients to walk and carry their entire body weight during the lengthening phase. This feature enables patients to return to their daily lives within a few weeks after surgery.

The Stryde nail can lengthen and shorten bone, making it easier to treat possible complications. Additionally, the nails are made of biocompatible hardened steel, allowing them to remain in the bone marrow after full recovery or to be removed with a minor operation. However, the production of Precice Stryde has been stopped due to the adverse cases reported.

precice stryde ERC

Advantages of Precice Stryde

  • Considered as the most advanced limb lengthening method worldwide

  • Allows patients to lengthen up to 6 cm on tibias and 8 cm on femurs

  • Allows patients to walk through the entire phases

  • Allows patients to return to daily life in a few weeks

  • It leaves fewer surgical scars than the methods that require external fixation

Disadvantages of Precice Stryde

  • High cost

  • Recalled due to reported adverse cases

Read this article to learn more about the possible risks, complications, and side effects of limb lengthening surgery.

Is the Precice Stryde the right choice for me?

The Precice Stryde is a weight-bearing limb lengthening system that is considered to be the most advanced method worldwide. It allows patients to lengthen up to 6 cm on tibias and 8 cm on femurs, and allows patients to walk through the entire lengthening process. It also allows patients to return to their daily life in just a few weeks and leaves fewer surgical scars than methods that require external fixation.

However, it is currently not available as production has been discontinued. For patients who don't have the time for a long treatment, they can choose to wait for the Stryde or any other new weight-bearing nails. But, if patients want to reach their desired height as soon as possible, they can consider other methods such as the Precice 2 or the LON method.

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