Precice 2

Internal Limb Lengthening Method

Precice 2 is an intramedullary nail system manufactured by US-based Nuvasive that revolutionized limb lengthening procedures. The innovative technology used in Precice 2 does not require external fixation and provides height increase by an external remote control (ERC). What makes Precice 2 the most preferred limb lengthening method today is that it promises a more painless, safe, and comfortable lengthening experience.

  • Limb lengthening surgery with the Precice 2 method involves placing the intramedullary nail in the bone marrow, suturing, and closing the incisions. The procedure is performed with tiny incisions, which results in fewer surgical scars. Thus, it pleases patients with aesthetic concerns. 

  • Precice 2 intramedullary nails are made of titanium and cannot bear the entire body weight of an adult patient. Therefore, patients are mobilized using a wheelchair throughout the lengthening phase and until the adequate bone union is achieved. Despite this, it offers a more comfortable lengthening experience than methods that require external fixation.

  • Precice 2 reduces the risk of possible complications that may arise during the treatment process due to its ability to lengthen and shorten the bone. In addition, since there is no external fixation attached to the legs, it eliminates the risk of infection.

  • Precice 2 nails are biocompatible, and removing the nails after full recovery is optional.

precice 2 x-ray

Advantages of Precice 2

  • One of the safest limb lengthening methods

  • Allows patients to lengthen up to 6 cm in the tibia and 8 cm in the femur

  • No open wound due to external fixation

  • No infection risk and dressing requirement

  • Does not restrict movement while sleeping or lying down

  • Patients can start normal walking within 4-5 months

  • It leaves fewer surgical scars than the combined and external methods

  • More affordable than the Precice Stryde method

Disadvantages of Precice 2

  • High cost

  • Wheelchair use during the lengthening phase

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Step by Step to Precice 2 limb lengthening procedure

  • Consultation and Travel to Istanbul

  • Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul and rest at the hotel

  • Day 2: Orthoroentgenogram (Ortho x-ray) and sightseeing in Istanbul

  • Day 3: Meeting with the doctor, examination, and all other necessary tests

  • Day 4: Surgery day

  • Day 5: Rest

  • Day 6: Exercise in the hospital under the supervision of the healthcare team

  • Day 7-8: Exercise and physical therapy

  • Day 9: First lengthening 

  • Day 10: Discharge from hospital

  • 50-80 days: Distraction (Lengthening) phase - (Patients need to exercise and receive physiotherapy sessions throughout this phase. Patients can continue this phase in their country or receive postoperative care services from our highly trained healthcare team)

  • 90-120 days: Consolidation phase

  • 120-365 days: Bone union and full recovery

Is limb lengthening surgery with Precice 2 method the right choice for me?

If you are looking for a comfortable, safe, and less risky limb lengthening method, then Precice 2 is the right choice for you.

Book a free consultation now and ask our expert patient consultants any questions you may have. During the consultation, you can request a free private video call with the surgeon.