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Prof Dr Yuksel Yurttas

Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas
Orthopedic Surgeon & Limb Lengthening Specialist

Meet Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas, highly regarded for his dedication and expertise in the challenging world of limb lengthening and deformity correction. His practical approach and extensive knowledge have positively impacted the lives of many patients.


The journey of Dr. Yurttas in the medical field began in 1997 at the Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA). He completed his specialization training in orthopedics and traumatology in the same Institution. In the early years, he worked in Türkiye's elite military hospitals and tackled a wide range of challenging cases, including combat injuries. This experience honed his surgical skills through countless successful operations.


After completing his service as a military doctor, Dr. Yurttas transitioned to the private healthcare sector. During this phase of his career he enhanced his expertise, particularly in limb lengthening and deformity correction. He's known for his proficiency in all major internal and external techniques, such as Stryde, Precice 2, LON, Holyfix, and Ilizarov, maintaining one of the highest success rates in these procedures.


Dr. Yurttas has been an integral part of Esencan International Hospital in Istanbul since 2017. He is not only just serving local patients, also extends his expertise to patients from all over the world. Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Yurttas is also a faculty member of the Physical Therapy Program at Esencan University in Istanbul, sharing his knowledge and experience with next generations.

Dr Yurttas Congress 2023 - Complications of deformity surgery

Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas presented on 'Complications of Deformity Surgery' at the 32nd National Turkish Orthopaedics and Traumatology Congress.



- Trainee Doctor – GATA Trainee and Course Division, (1997-1998)

- 30 Yt. Infirmary Chief Medical Officer – 70. Mknz. P. Tug. 1. Tnk. tb. Command of Cizre/Sırnak, (1998-2000)

- Research Assistant, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Military Medical Faculty, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, (2000-2004)

- Cover. and Trav. Specialist, Girne Military Hospital, Cyprus, (2004-2006)

- Cover. and Trav. Specialist, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Military Medical Faculty, Cyprus, (2004-2006) 

- Assist. Assoc. Dr., Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Military Medical Faculty, (2007-2012)

- Assoc. Dr., Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Military Medical Faculty, (2012-2016)

- Assoc. Dr., Private Esencan Hospital, 2017


- Faculty of Medicine Graduated from GATA MEDICAL FACULTY (1997)
- Place and Year of Specialization: GATA Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology (2004)


1) First and Emergency Aid, Emergency Medicine, Basic Life Support (Basic) Course. GATA First and Emergency Aid and Training Center 29 December -09 January 1998/Ankara

2) Basic Ilizarov Course 19-20 April 2001 Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine Adana

3) Advanced Ilizarov Course 13-14 April 2002 Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine Adana

4) Term Athlete Health Course. 11-15 November 2002. GATA Ankara

5) Infantile Hip Ultrasound Reading and Evaluation Course 27 December 2003

6) Microsurgery Course 19-23 April 2004 GATA Ankara

7) Pediatric orthopedics mobile advanced training course. 10-15 May 2004 Bursa-Eskisehir-Ankara.

8) 3rd Meeting of the ASAMI International. 27-29 May 2004. Istanbul

9) TOTBID-TOTEK Orthopedics and Traumatology Basic Sciences and Research Summer School. 21-24 August 2004. Konya

10) GATA First Orthopedics and Traumatology Days Minimally Invasive Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty. 27 November 2006. Ankara

11) AAOS-TSOT Education Program. April 24-26 2008 Antalya.

12) Orthopedic Trauma and Functional Fracture Treatment Course with International Participation 8 November 2008. GATA Ankara

13) MedCalcTurkey user training series-1. Introduction to clinical research: Design Analysis Publication. 22-23 November 2008

14) Ethical Approach Course in Clinical Research. August 8, 2009

15) Minimally Invasive and Locked Plate Osteosynthesis Course. 9-10 October 2009

16) MedCalcTurkey user training series-1. Introduction to clinical research: Design Analysis Publication. 22-23 November 2008

17) XXIII Course on Musculoskeletal Pathology. 8-12 February Bologna Italy.



1) Ilizarov Applications in Upper Extremity Problems. 9. Istanbul Hand Club Scientific Meetings. January 18, 2003.

2) National Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Congress. 18-23 October 2003 Istanbul

3) 11th International Biomedical Science and Technology Days. 6-10 September. Ankara

4) Orthopedics Meeting. 12-16 April 2006. Antalya

5) TOTBID-TOTEK Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Education Congress. 4-5 November 2006. Ankara

6) National Prosthesis-Orthotics Congress with International Participation. 17-20 October 2007. Ankara

7) National Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Congress. 23-28 October 2007 Ankara.

8) Current Approaches in the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Symposium. 2008 Ankara.

9) Orthopedics Meeting. 23-27 April 2008

10) Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Congress. 16-19 May 2008. Izmir


- Turkish Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology
- TOTBID Kecioren (Pediatric Orthopedics) 
- TOTBID Arthroplasty Association


Unlock the full potential of your limb lengthening journey with personalized consultation from the renowned Prof. Dr. Yuksel Yurttas. Our dedicated medical team will expertly guide you from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and successful experience. Schedule your consultation now and discover the possibilities.

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