Limb Lengthening Surgery
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount I can gain with limb lengthening surgery? (How many centimeters can i grow with limb lengthening)

With bilateral leg lengthening surgery, you can increase your height up to 6 cm in the tibia (lower legs) and up to 8 cm in the femur (upper legs). If you want to gain height up to 13-15 cm, you can have the second lengthening surgery in the other bone segment after completing the first lengthening.

Theoretically, it is possible to lengthen up to 30% of the bone length. However, 6 cm on tibias and 8 cm on femurs are accepted as the maximum safe limits. Our priority is to provide a safe lengthening experience and protect the patient's general health. Therefore, these limits can be exceeded or decreased depending on the patient's flexibility of muscles and health condition. 

Can everyone have limb lengthening surgery? (Am I eligible for leg lengthening surgery?)

Apart from being healthy, the first condition sought for cosmetic limb lengthening surgery is the completion of puberty and closure of growth plates. Although this period varies from person to person, it usually ends up at 18. Rarely, this period may extend up to 20 years old. The maximum age for limb lengthening surgery is 50. However, limb lengthening surgery can be performed at older ages depending on bone density and health conditions.

Another condition sought to be eligible for limb lengthening surgery is that you do not have a serious chronic disease, especially orthopedic disorders. Please share all the details about your health condition, the diseases you have had, and the medications you use during the consultation with the doctor.

When can I return to my daily life after limb lengthening surgery?

In all advanced limb lengthening surgery methods, returning to daily life takes less than six months. While you can return to your everyday life within a few weeks with the Precice Stryde method, this period may take 4-5 months with the Precice 2 and LON methods.

Remember, returning daily life faster mostly depends on the flexibility of your muscles, nerve structure, and the exercises you do after surgery.

How much does limb lengthening surgery cost? (How much is limb lengthening surgery?)

Prices for limb lengthening procedures vary between $15,000 and $100,000, depending on the method, country, and surgeon.

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Yuksel Yurttas provides limb lengthening surgery and consultation services directly from his office and hospital. Dr. Yurttas has adopted a patient-centered approach, not a profit-centered approach.

We have no with any health tourism agency or intermediary company. Therefore, limb lengthening surgery and post-operative care services are more secure and affordable than other providers.

Which one is the best limb lengthening surgery method? 

Precice Stryde is the most advanced method of limb lengthening surgery worldwide, capable of bearing the patient's full body weight. However, its production has been stopped by the manufacturer and will not be produced until an unspecified date. For this reason, many patients prefer Precice 2 and LON methods, which are other advanced leg lengthening methods and provide the same amount of lengthening.

Does leg lengthening surgery make you disproportionate?


It may seem odd to imagine your legs getting longer while your arm length remains the same. However, if your arms are not abnormally short, the amount you will gain with limb lengthening surgery will not make you disproportionate.

To date, we have not received such a complaint from any patient. Also, patients who wanted to have arm lengthening surgery with this concern saw that their leg and arm lengths were proportional and gave up their decision.

Can you run after leg lengthening surgery?


Yes, you can run after leg lengthening surgery. When the growing bone heals, the new bone becomes as strong as any other bone in the body. It does not deteriorate or weaken over time. As a result, you will be able to do all the physical activities you did before the surgery, including running.

Does leg lengthening surgery leave scars?

All limb lengthening surgery methods leave surgical scars on the legs. However, Precice Stryde and Precice 2 leave less scarring, while the LON method leaves slightly more surgical scars.

Dr.Yuksel Yurttas performs operations with the smallest possible scar with 25 years of experience and minimally invasive surgical techniques. In addition, a subcuticular suture (A suture technique that gives the best aesthetic appearance) is offered free of charge to all of our patients.

Read this article for detailed information about limb lengthening surgery scars.

How to get limb lengthening surgery?


You are where you need to start. First, contact us for a free consultation. Then, according to your demands and budget, our expert consultants will plan all stages from consultation to full recovery with you.

Read this article to learn more about the consultation, travel planning, and surgery preparation stages of limb lengthening surgery.

Are there any possible risks, complications, and side effects of limb lengthening surgery?


As with any surgery, limb lengthening surgery can cause various risks, complications, and side effects. The surgeon and experienced healthcare team are cautious about these possible risks and inform you in advance. We apply appropriate treatment and resolve the complication in case of any complications. 

Is limb lengthening surgery dangerous?

Limb lengthening surgery has developed in line with scientific and technological developments. Therefore, it is not dangerous in the hands of skilled and experienced surgeons. However, to choose the right surgeon, we recommend that you thoroughly examine the surgeon's methods, experiences, and reviews.

Where to get limb lengthening surgery?

The USA, Germany, and Turkey are the most popular destinations for limb lengthening surgery. However, limb lengthening procedures are very expensive in the USA and Europe. On the other hand, in Turkey, the same quality of surgical service is offered at much lower prices.

For a safe lengthening experience, it is essential to choose the right surgeon for you. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Yuksel Yurttas offers you safe and affordable limb lengthening surgery and post-operative care services with 25 years of experience. In this article, you can find the best limb lengthening surgeons and costs from all over the world.

Can athletes undergo limb lengthening surgery?

Athletes can have leg lengthening surgery just like other adults. Generally, the muscles and tissues of athletes are flexible. For this reason, they have a more straightforward lengthening process and recover faster. After full recovery, they can do any physical activity, including weight lifting.

Is there a recommended age to have lengthening surgery?

Cosmetic limb lengthening surgery can be performed safely in patients between 18 to 50. However, two different conditions are sought at early and late ages to be eligible for lengthening surgery.

The condition sought in young patients to be eligible for surgery is that the growth plates are closed. Growth plates at the ends of bones are responsible for the natural bone growth process in humans. Generally, these plates close near the end of puberty. When these plates are closed, a human cannot grow naturally. Therefore, the only way to increase height is limb lengthening surgery for these people. As a result, cosmetic leg lengthening surgery can be performed in patients whose growth plates are closed.

In older patients, the situation is somewhat different. Human bones can become minerally weak and brittle in some people. Therefore, a bone density test and additional examination may be required for patients over 40-50. 


Read this article to learn more about the limb lengthening surgery age limit.

How painful is limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery is a painful procedure. However, the pain threshold varies from person to person. The pain usually occurs on the first day and the following days after surgery and decreases daily. The surgeon will prescribe you the necessary drugs according to the severity of the pain after the operation. In addition, our healthcare team is prepared for any situation that may arise during your treatment and provides 24/7 support.

How long does limb lengthening surgery take?

The duration of limb lengthening surgery depends on the method used. Limb lengthening surgery takes between 2 and 3 hours with the LON method, and between 1.5 and 2 hours with the Precice 2 method.

Will I be able to return to my previous health condition after lengthening surgery? 

Yes, you will regain your previous health condition after lengthening surgery. Limb lengthening procedures consist of stages that require surgery and post-operative exercise and care. For example, normal walking takes 4-5 months (with Precice Stryde a few weeks), the Bone union takes 5-6 months, and full recovery takes 9-12 months. This time range may be shorter or longer depending on your exercises after the surgery.

Is limb lengthening covered by insurance?

Limb lengthening is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance like other cosmetic procedures. However, some insurance companies can cover leg length discrepancy and deformity correction procedures (such as bow legs and knock knees). Before deciding on the procedure, you can get detailed information by contacting your insurance company.

Is there any surgery to make you shorter?

Yes. There is a procedure to make you shorter, called limb shortening surgery (also known as height reduction surgery). It is possible to shorten up to 5 cm only from the femur. 

The limb shortening procedure is generally performed in limb length discrepancy cases. However, in recent years, it has become popular for cosmetic purposes. The surgery costs around £ 12-15.000 and requires two hours of surgery and a few weeks of physical therapy.

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What are the other surgeries performed by Dr.Yuksel Yurttas?

Dr.Yuksel Yurttas specializes in limb lengthening and deformity correction procedures and successfully performs the following surgeries:

  • Arm lengthening surgery

  • Limb shortening surgery

  • Limb deformity correction

  • Bowlegs / Knock knees correction

  • Leg length discrepancies

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