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LON Method

A cost-effective solution for advanced limb lengthening

The LON (Lengthening Over Nails) method is a highly preferred limb lengthening technique in recent times due to its affordability, comfort, and safety. This method involves using both intramedullary nails and external fixators. Hence it is also referred to as the combined method.

What makes the LON method unique compared to other methods is the internal nail that the surgeon places inside the bone marrow. This nail stays attached to the external fixator during the distraction (lengthening) phase, and after the lengthening is completed, the external fixators are removed with a minor surgical procedure. The internal nails remain in the bones until the newly formed bones have fully consolidated, allowing patients to resume their daily activities within 3 to 4 months after surgery.

The LON method utilizes a telescopic external fixator system made of biocompatible materials, providing both comfort and stability. This system is MRI-compatible, allowing for non-invasive monitoring during the healing process. Its minimalist design allows for easier movement and a smoother experience, enabling patients to return to their daily activities faster.

LON method X-ray

Advantages of LON Method

  • Allows patients to gain up to 10 cm in the femur and 7 cm in the tibia.

  • Short-term external fixator usage, only during the lengthening phase.

  • Allows patients to walk during the lengthening phase, which helps speed up recovery.

  • Patients can start normal walking within 4-5 months after the surgery

  • Leaves fewer surgical scars than fully external methods, such as Ilizarov

  • Considered safe and affordable

Disadvantages of LON Method

  • Requires regular dressing at pin sites to prevent the risk of infection

  • Causes more scarring than internal methods

  • External fixators may cause discomfort

Improve your quality of life with our advanced limb lengthening options and expert care.

Lengthening Process in the LON Method

​In the LON method, the lengthening process is done 4 times a day, and 0.25 mm lengthening is provided in each process. Thus, the patient gains 1 mm in a day, 3 cm in 30 days, 6 cm in 60 days, and 9 cm in 90 days.

The lengthening process starts 3 days after the surgery at the hospital. The healthcare team performs the first lengthening process and trains you on how to do this process safely every day.

Step-by-Step to LON method limb lengthening surgery

  • Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul and rest at the hotel

  • Day 2: Meeting with the Doctor, examination, and preoperative tests

  • Day 3: Surgery day (2-3 hours)

  • Day 4: Post-surgery care in the hospital room

  • Day 5: First steps after surgery

  • Day 6-7: Rehabilitation in the private hospital room with bed exercises and short walks

  • Day 8: First lengthening

  • Day 9: Discharge from hospital

  • Day 10: Beginning of physiotherapy and exercise program

  • Day 60-80: Distraction Phase (Lengthening and Physiotherapy)

  • Day 70-90: External fixator removal (LON Method)

  • Day 70-150: Bone Consolidation and Transition to Normal Walking

  • Day 150-365: Bone Consolidation and Full Recovery

Is the LON method the right choice for me?

If you're looking for a balance between advanced technology and affordability in limb lengthening, the LON method might be right for you. This method allows for mobility during the lengthening phase and offers a faster recovery, but it's important to commit to post-operative care and rehabilitation.

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