LON Method

Internal & External Combined Method

​LON method -Lengthening Over Nails- is one of the most preferred limb lengthening methods in recent years due to its low cost, high comfort, and safety. In this method, intramedullary nails and external fixators are used. Therefore it is also known as the combined method.

The feature that distinguishes the LON method from external methods is the internal nail that the surgeon places in the bone marrow. This nail remains attached to the external fixator during the distraction (lengthening) phase. After the lengthening phase, the external fixators are removed with minor surgery. Internal nails remain in the legs until the complete bone union is achieved. Thus, patients can return to their daily lives within 3-4 months after completing the lengthening phase.

The devices we use in the LON method are the telescopic monolateral external fixator system. It is made of biocompatible titanium and aluminum alloy and has high mechanical stability to bear the whole body weight. In addition, it is MR compatible and the most advanced extension system among its equivalents. Its minimalist design makes it easier to move during the lengthening process, offers a smoother lengthening experience, and allows patients to return to daily life earlier after surgery.

LON method X-ray

Advantages of LON Method

  • Allows patients to lengthen up to 6-7 cm in the tibia and 8-9 cm in the femur.

  • Short-term external fixator usage (3-3,5 months).
  • Allows patients to walk during the lengthening phase.

  • Patients can start normal walking within 4-5 months.

  • It leaves fewer surgical scars than fully external methods.

  • Safe and affordable.

Disadvantages of LON Method

  • It requires regular dressing at pin sites to prevent infection risk.

  • It causes more scarring than internal methods.

Read this article to learn more about the possible risks, complications, and side effects of limb lengthening surgery.

Lengthening process in the LON method

​In the LON method, the lengthening process is done 4 times a day, and 0.25 mm lengthening is provided in each process. Thus, the patient gains 1 mm in a day, 3 cm in 30 days, 6 cm in 60 days, and 8 cm in 80 days.

The lengthening process starts 3 days after the surgery at the hospital. The healthcare team performs the first lengthening process and teaches the patient how to do this process every day.

Step by Step to LON method limb lengthening procedure

  • Consultation and Travel to Istanbul

  • Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul and rest at the hotel

  • Day 2: Orthoroentgenogram (Ortho x-ray) and sightseeing in Istanbul

  • Day 3: Meeting with the doctor, physical examination, and other tests

  • Day 4: Surgery day

  • Day 5: Rest

  • Day 6: Exercise in the hospital under the supervision of the healthcare team

  • Day 7-8: Exercise and physical therapy

  • Day 9: First lengthening process

  • Day 10: Discharge from hospital

  • 50-90 days: Distraction (Lengthening) Phase - (Patients need to exercise and receive physiotherapy sessions throughout this phase. Patients can continue this phase in their country or receive postoperative care and physical therapy services from our healthcare team)

  • 90-120 days: Consolidation and device removal

  • 120-365 days: Bone union and full recovery

Is limb lengthening surgery with the LON method the right choice for me?

If you are looking for a limb lengthening method that is affordable, safe and allows you to mobilize during the lengthening phase, then the LON method is the right choice for you.

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