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limb lengthening in turkey


Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

safe limb lengthening


25 Years Experience, 600+ Successful Operations

limb lengthening surgery


Yuksel Yurttas, Associate Professor M.D.

Yuksel Yurttas (born 1973) is a Turkish orthopedic surgeon specializing in limb lengthening and deformity correction procedures. He had medical education at Gulhane Military Medical Academy and graduated in 1997. After completing orthopedic specialization training at the same academy, he served in Turkey's most renowned military hospitals and performed over 600 successful orthopedic surgeries, including combat injuries. He retired from his military doctor career in 2017 and continued his career in a private hospital, leading the development of limb lengthening and complex reconstruction surgery in Turkey.

As the most experienced orthopedic surgeon in limb lengthening surgery in Turkey, Dr.Yuksel Yurttas performs Precice Stryde, Precice 2, LON, Holyfix, and Ilizarov methods with the highest success rates. Dr. Yurttas has been accepting patients from all over the world as an Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist at Esencan International Hospital in Istanbul since 2017. 

Visit Google Scholar to see the academic studies and publications of Dr.Yuksel Yurttas.

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Safe & Affordable Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods




3-rd generation limb lengthening system that allows walking during lengthening. Not available worldwide.



precice 2 internal

One of the most preferred limb lengthening methods worldwide. Lengthening without external fixator.


Internal & External Combined

lon method

Combined limb lengthening method. Only 3 months external fixator usage! Safe & affordable.

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Excellent Patient Care From Consultation to Full Recovery



Free, fast, and accurate consultation directly from the doctor's office. You can ask all your questions about the procedure to our expert consultants and have a free video session with the surgeon.


The preoperative phase starts from the moment you decide to have the surgery. This phase covers the process from your travel planning to preoperative accommodation, examinations, and tests. 


Limb lengthening surgery with the world's most advanced and safe methods by Dr.Yuksel Yurttas with 25 years of experience. This phase includes the surgical procedure and 5-7 days of hospitalization.



This phase includes lengthening, consolidation, and physical therapy. We provide excellent care to all our patients with our highly trained healthcare professionals until they are fully recovered.

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Limb Lengthening Patient Journeys



Frequently Asked Questions About Limb Lengthening Surgery

How many limb lengthening methods are there?

There are five different limb lengthening surgery methods used by surgeons. Precice Stryde and Precice 2.2 are the most advanced limb lengthening methods worldwide-however the most expensive ones. The LON method is also an advanced method preferred by those who want a safe and affordable leg-lengthening experience. Less preferred methods are Ilizarov and Holyfix, which are external methods that require a long post-operative treatment period. Contact us to learn more about limb lengthening methods and to determine the most suitable method for you.

How many cm can I gain with leg lengthening surgery?

With a bilateral leg lengthening surgery, you can gain up to 6 cm in the tibia and up to 8 cm in the femur. If you want to grow about 12-15 cm in total, you can have the second surgery after completing the first lengthening procedure. Remember, the flexibility of your legs and muscles is the determining factor in achieving the desired height. For this reason, we provide excellent post-operative care to each of our patients, implement a comprehensive physical therapy program, and follow up on all our patients until they are fully recovered.

When will I regain my pre-surgery health condition?

After limb lengthening surgery, the healing process is divided into phases. Surgery and hospitalization take 5-7 days, the distraction (lengthening) phase takes 2-3 months, consolidation takes 1-3 months, and full recovery takes 9-12 months. Patients can start walking normally 4-5 months after the surgery and efficiently perform many physical activities after 6 months. Following the doctor's instructions and having physical therapy after the surgery is crucial to regain the pre-surgery health condition in the expected time range.

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Information and Articles About Limb Lengthening Surgery

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Accurate, reliable, and fast consultation directly from the doctor's office. Our expert consultants and healthcare team will take care of you throughout your limb lengthening journey from consultation to full recovery.


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