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limb lengthening in turkey

Limb Lengthening Surgery


safe limb lengthening


25 Years of Experience & 700+ Surgeries

Dr Yuksel Yurttas during his weekly visit with a limb lengthening patient

Expertise Behind Your Surgery

Prof. Dr. Yuksel YURTTAS

At Dr. Yuksel Yurttas's practice, we specialize in advanced leg lengthening and correcting limb deformities, helping you achieve the height and symmetry you desire. With over two decades of experience and a keen focus on orthopedics and trauma surgery, Dr. Yurttas has become a trusted name in safe and effective limb lengthening.

Looking to add inches to your stature? You're in good hands. Dr. Yurttas uses the latest techniques like LON and Precice 2, providing top care for each patient. Our team understands that it's not just about adding height—it's about boosting your confidence and improving your quality of life.

Join the hundreds who have chosen Dr. Yurttas for their transformation. Reach out and see how our personalized procedures can make a positive difference in your life.

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Before & After

Advanced Surgical Techniques


Internal & External Combined

lon method

The most preferred method by patients. Only 2-3 months of external fixator usage! Safe and affordable.



precice 2 internal

Revolutionary lengthening system.

No External Fixation, Minimized Scarring, Enhanced Comfort.

Discover how hundreds of patients worldwide have transformed their lives with our limb lengthening procedures.

Specialized Care for You


Let’s start with a chat. Our experts are here to listen to your needs and answer all your questions about limb lengthening surgery. You’ll get personalized advice directly from the surgeon’s team.


Getting taller is a journey, and it all begins with a thorough preoperative phase. We’ll walk you through all the necessary tests and examinations to make sure you’re fully prepared for your surgery.


Prof. Dr. Yurttas brings 25 years of experience and latest techniques to ensure your limb lengthening procedure is safe and effective. This stage of the process includes a 5-day hospital stay.


Your journey doesn’t end with the surgery. We offer a comprehensive postoperative program, complete with expert physiotherapy and a dedicated healthcare team tracking your progress until full recovery.


Answers for Your Questions

What is cosmetic limb lengthening and how many centimeters/inches can i grow?

Cosmetic limb lengthening is a procedure that allows you to increase your height. In this treatment, a surgeon cuts the bone in your thigh (femurs) or shin (tibias) and uses special devices to gradually separate the bones. This separation creates space for new bone to grow, helping you to become taller. If you have surgery on your femurs, you can grow 8-10 cm taller. If the surgery is on your tibias, you can grow by 5-7 cm. If you want to become even taller, you might need two surgeries: one on the femurs and another on the tibias. This way, you could grow by 15-17 cm in total. How much you'll grow depends on the method used and how your body responds to the process.

What's the typical recovery timeline for limb lengthening surgery?

After limb lengthening surgery, the recovery timeline varies based on the procedure and the bone lengthened. Typically, after one procedure and 6-8 cm of lengthening, you can expect to get back to your daily routine within 4 to 5 months after the surgery. Initially, you'll go through a lengthening phase, where your bones are extended at a rate of 1mm per day, resulting in 3 cm in 30 days, 6 cm in 60 days, and 9 cm in 90 days. Once the lengthening is complete and the desired height is achieved, the bone consolidation phase begins. During this time, you might need a walker or crutches for 2-8 weeks, gradually moving towards walking without help. Usually, it takes about 4-5 months after surgery to walk normally. After 6 months, you can continue most physical activities. Full recovery, including high-impact exercises, takes approximately 9-12 months depending on your healing speed.

Which techniques are used in limb lengthening?

There are a few commonly used methods for this procedure. The most advanced and effective options are internal methods such as Precice 2.2, which uses an internal nail for precise control of the lengthening rate. This internal approach is quite effective but can be costly. Another method is the LON technique, which uses both an internal nail and an external fixator. It's known for being both safe and more affordable. There are also methods like Ilizarov and Holyfix, which are fully external and require a longer post-operative recovery period. Contact us to learn more about the methods and to determine the most suitable one for you.


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