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  • Dr. Yuksel Yurttas

Limb Lengthening Surgery: Is It Worth It?

People who want to increase their height by having lengthening surgery go through a long decision-making process due to the 3-5 months treatment period and high costs. For this reason, one of the most common questions about limb lengthening surgery is this: "Is it worth it?" We asked this question directly to our three patients who had this surgery and shared their feedback in our article.

As humanity, we are in a period where advanced technologies are used in orthopedic surgery. There is almost no orthopedic disease for which there is no cure anymore. In addition, serious progress has been made in cosmetic orthopedic surgeries. One of the most significant proofs of this is 'cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. Nowadays, even adults can grow up to 6 to 8 cm in 3 months with a single limb lengthening surgery. Also, The bone formed after limb lengthening surgery will be as strong as your other bones. After full recovery, the result is permanent and allows you to do all sports, including weight lifting.

There is no problem for tall and self-confident enough not to need limb lengthening surgery. This surgery is unnecessary for them. However, short people face several social and psychological problems, also called "heightism or height discrimination." These people research and apply exercises, pills, and injections for years to overcome the situation they are experiencing. Short stature even negatively affects many people's careers and social relationships. (There are many scientific studies on the disadvantages of short stature.)

The more false the argument that there will be no need for a beautiful-looking nose if we can breathe, the more inaccurate the negative perception of limb lengthening procedure. People may want to live taller even if they don't have limb length discrepancies and don't experience height discrimination. To date, most of our patients have been people who have not been exposed to any social discrimination but who only want to be taller for cosmetic reasons.

So, is limb lengthening surgery painful? Is the result worth the pain? It is true that lengthening surgery is a painful process. Pain is part of the limb lengthening process. Most pain is experienced a few days after surgery. However, the pain threshold varies from person to person and it is a manageable process with strong painkillers.

Other factors that make people think negatively about the procedure are the risks and the high cost of cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. Since limb lengthening surgery is not covered by insurance, people are directed to countries like Turkey where the surgery is performed at a world-class quality and at a more affordable price, or they face a cost around $50-100.000. Therefore, it would be worth having the limb lengthening surgery performed in Turkey, where the most advanced lengthening systems are more affordable.

Finally, we asked 3 of our patients, "Is it worth having limb lengthening surgery to get taller?" Here are their answers:

"The surgery had no adverse effects on my health. But I must say that I am still struggling financially. I do not earn much money and I pay the installments of the loan I took for the surgery. But yes! It's definitely worth it."

J.W. - France

"If you asked this when I had to exercise after surgery, I would’ve said no. Right now I say yes, it's worth it."

N.E. - USA

"I don't know if it's worth it, but I don't regret it. My age is 42. I've always wanted to be taller my whole life and I did it. When I got back home, I was swamped with strange questions from people I knew. I didn't like being quizzed about my new height and surgery at first. I got used to it after a while, and things returned to normal.""

C.F. - USA

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