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Can You Run After Leg Lengthening Surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions about lengthening surgery is whether you can run after leg lengthening surgery. Let's answer this question from the very beginning. Once you have fully recovered from leg lengthening surgery, you can do all physical activities, including running.

Let's take a deeper look at how this is accomplished by reviewing limb lengthening surgery and treatment phases.

Limb lengthening is accomplished by utilizing the body's natural ability to regenerate new bone. The procedure starts with an osteotomy, in which the orthopedic surgeon cuts the bone that needs to be lengthened. Next, the bone is stabilized with various external and-or internal fixation devices or frames (generally the upper or lower leg).

The recovery process is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the bone that has been cut is gradually pulled apart in the distraction phase to promote new bone growth at the osteotomy site. Distracting the gap four times a day, 0.25 mm at a time, for 1 mm per day, promotes the continued growth of new bone tissue. The body continues to produce new bone tissue in the gap between the ends of the bone as it opens up until the desired length of bone has been generated.

The second phase of treatment is bone consolidation and healing. Next, the patient gradually increases the weight on the lengthened leg and begins walking without assistance. During this process, exercise and doctor follow-up are essential.

Depending on the method, an external fixator (LON method) or an internal nail (Precice 2 or Precice Stryde nail) is used to achieve the desired lengthening. External fixation is a frame attached to the bone on the outside of the limb by pins (rods), screws, and wires. External fixator adjustments can be used to lengthen and straighten the short and misaligned limb gradually.

The working principles of the internal limb lengthening methods are slightly different. In internal procedures, a nail is placed in the bone marrow, and the magnet in the nail is rotated with a remote control device. This process provides a gradual lengthening of the nail and bone.

When Can I Start Running After Leg Lengthening Surgery?

After the lengthened bones are fully consolidated and with the doctor's approval (6 to 12 months after the surgery), patients can start performance-requiring physical activities such as running, jumping, and weight-lifting. However, we should point out that this period depends on many variables.

Limb lengthening procedures have various side effects, complications, and risks, as with any minor or major surgery. To avoid these risks, we provide 24/7 medical support to our patients until they are fully recovered or even able to run at full performance.

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